October 14, 2022

Artificial Voice Overs

Alright guys I'm gonna try to keep this one short, we have a few cool and creative ideas to explore here.


Many of you are making content that is targeting an audience with a language totally foreign to you. Most prominently non native English speakers targeting the anglosphere audience. This results in a frustrating battle to compete on a level playing field, since having an accent in a voice over will to a varying degree, limit the positive response from the viewers. Even when paying money for a voice over with a service like Fiverr or just somebody from this community, it never seems to match the video in the most optimal way. Let me show you an interesting way to get the perfect voice for every niche application.

- let's you model a voice after anyone or anything, learning on all the subtle details using Machine Learning. You can also choose from a fairly large sample pack developed after the voices of real human beings. This will unlock the opportunity for anyone to tap into literally any audience, over 50 different languages and the ability to make the voice fit-in with that specific niche audience, for example: You target a German horse back riding category and so you decide to use a German Female voice, so that it better resonates with those viewers. People are significantly more likely to trust a voice familiar to them over a foreign voice struggling to force the content out. I am not saying it is impossible to garner positive results with a foreign accent but it is more often than not, an unideal situation.


Main uses aside, there are some strange yet potent possibilities this technology can bring, especially to our community. Imagine being mid way through your video, or anytime really. Suddenly you pull out your phone and play multiple recordings received from your beloved "subscribers", these voices proceed to thank you in an expressive, genuinely real sounding tone. Each voice totally unique in style and totally realistic in nature. Just imagine for a minute how much social proof and trust this could bring to the viewers. Real voices endorsing your fabulous content.


Anyways that wraps it up for this article. The program is simple to learn and use, there are also great tutorials available on YouTube / forums if you ever get confused. You should definitely give the program a try to see for yourselves.