January 16, 2023

Baller YouTube Approaches V1

Let's save the newbies some time and discuss what are the two primary approaches that successful OG members employ on YouTube.


To put it simply:

A. Upload multiple videos per day & low spend per video

B. High effort and high budget into a single video


The core principles & relevant rules of YouTube ranking still apply to both of these strategies, the only difference is the amount of effort put in per video and the budget to spend on each video. The mass upload strategy typically goes as follows:


1. Make a handful of HQ unique landing pages that can be used for multiple niches per website

2. Setup a virtual production line; a list of niches, making the videos, uploading them, buying views and microworkers and so on (keeping quality levels as high as possible whilst not wasting TOO much time; anticipate multiple days before upload is ready, no need to rush pumping out same day, never jeopardize quality because you want to rush)

3. Spend a maximum of $10 per video on views/likes and $10 on Micro's etc

4. Build your database of live videos to check up on traffic/ranking reports, engagement rates and moderating the comment sections

5. Adjust your production setup when you see what works better than others (niche genre, video style etc)

6. The wild card factor: seemingly out of sheer luck, some of these medium quality videos will be pushed hard by YouTube and will generate tons of traffic for you.

This phenomena is unilaterally agreed (by ballers) to be a random promotion mechanism by YouTube and you must simply be lucky to harness that particular algorithm boost. So naturally more videos = better chance to hit the jackpot.


The veteran ballers have mostly automated this process by hiring trained workers / freelancers to make the videos, script writing, thumbnails, uploading and activating API functions for ordering views, custom comments, Microworkers. Spending no more than $35-$45 per video they typically manage to pump out dozens of videos per day so long as their process pipelines are not interrupted or during a new YouTube algorithm update, (aged account supplies; other involved logistics). Mass uploading done right will on it's own provide a powerful passive stream of traffic for years to come and better yet, occasional wild card videos. But here are the main cons worth mentioning:


* High take down rates (to a varying degree based on niche, keywords and quality)

* Difficult to orchestrate and build production pipelines that become automated and effective

* Initially high failure rate will be very demoralizing

* Requires Veteran-Level experience to pull off properly

* Need for constant management and upkeeping effectiveness


That being said, this approach should only be done by Pro's that understand the system and have already earned big from YouTube, otherwise it will more likely than not be a nightmare to try. But for those that did pull it off in the last few years, have earned many millions of dollars in profit.




The high quality approach: It's pretty straightforward, pick a safe niche (not too competitive, low takedown risk).

1. Make the best website you can dream up for that niche

2. Produce the best video you can muster out, aka great script, narration, quality, flow, logic of the niche, thumbnail etc

3. Make the channel brand/image blend with the video vibe so it looks as genuine as possible (like a real YouTuber!)

4. Channel should be a powerful aged authority channel (these super channels typically sell for $100's sometimes over $1,000, decent subscriber count, tons of old videos with many millions of views; anything these channels upload will get massive algorithm favor)

5. Spend $100+ on views/likes over a week or two and spend at least $100 on Micro's over a week or two

6. Put a lot of time and effort building the comment section, making comment using custom profile pictures and usernames, holding out artificial conversations/reply threads with realistic engagements/discussions.

This is done to entertain the real organic viewers in the comments (increase retention) and reinforcing the legitimacy of whatever you are promoting.


Basically you just make everything as good as you possibly can and in turn your video is VERY likely to rank well, receive decent traffic. As long as you made the video beautiful, genuine and entertaining in a relatively safe niche, it will stay ranked for a long time.


The ONLY con of this approach is the fact that many people here will be too lazy and impatient to make a 10/10 video and will pile on compromises resulting in a hit or miss situation.

Will follow up on this article soon with more in depth visuals/explanations/examples, but for now y'all get the idea.