June 4, 2021

🚨Cap Increase on Top Offer + Other HOT Offers!🚨

It kept capping out, so we got an awesome cap increase on one of our hottest offers! ðŸ”¥ 

35439  State of Survival - ALL (iPhone/iPad, INCENT, US, 46MB)
EPC: $0.42 

Also, we wanted to make sure you were aware of some of our best offers by EPCs! ðŸ¤‘

Best Android Offers ðŸš€ðŸš€ðŸš€
29 Stash - CPE - Registration (Android, INCENT, Free, US, 24M)  
31228 Lucktastic - CPE - T2 Event C (Android, Free, INCENT, US, 20M)  
29340 Fetch Rewards - CPE (Android, INCENT, US, 7MB)  

Best iOS Offers ðŸš€ðŸš€ðŸš€
25 IRL: Social Calendar - New (iPhone, Free, INCENT, US, 26MB)
37213 iHeartRadio - 80s - (iPhone, Free, INCENT, US, 48MB)b
29338 Fetch Rewards - CPE (iPhone/iPad, INCENT, US, 7MB)

Excited as we are?! Press the button to make the money printer go Brrr! ðŸ–¨ðŸ’¸