January 19, 2023

Y'all keep missing..

This applies for all methods / traffic sources. Many of you keep forgetting to properly moderate the comment sections of a post over time. IT MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE ~


So big in fact, a poorly moderated YouTube comment section can not only slice earnings in half but also cause the video to de-rank sooner, get reported by angry viewers. Don't be lazy and always apply these safety measures:


1. Automatically ban key-words in settings.

"fake" "scam" "cap" "broken" "not real" "bot" "bots" "report" "these never work"


2. Routinely check on the comment section and make adjustments over time, making sure the public/social narrative is always in the most ideal condition!

That's it for this short article. Go read the other articles for more detailed strategies on comment sections.