July 22, 2024

Grow Your Online Audience

Integrated Content Platform 

Depending on your business, content can be a means to an end to achieve many different goals. If you are working in the CPA industry, then you are likely utilizing your website as a platform for your content. In other words, the content is the product being marketed.  

With all of your success depending on the quality of your content it is crucial that it stands above your competition’s. If that seems like a daunting task, you’ve come to the right place. Use this comprehensive guide when creating your own content to increase the number of visitors to your site.  

Narrow Your Focus 

In the beginning stages of content creation, it can be difficult to decide on a specific area to focus on. Oftentimes, creators will create content that covers a wide variety of topics to appeal to as many people as possible.  

At first, that sounds like a sound strategy, but it often leads to the creator having no credibility with their audience resulting in high bounce rates and low conversions. If content is too broad it rarely offers unique value worth sharing.  

It is better to concentrate on a specific niche and build up your authority on the topic. Later on, you can explore diversifying your content to reach new eyes. Until you are well-established, focus on being the leading provider of information in your niche.  

Identify Your Target 

Even if you have already decided on your niche your success will come much faster and easier if you crystallize who your target actually is. Your thinking needs to go deeper than generic questions like gender, age, and location? Try to understand their motivations.  

  • Why do they want this information badly enough to search for it? 
  • Who is already hosting similar content? How is it lacking?  
  • How can you deliver this content in a superior way? 

Use these questions to frame your delivery in such a way that your audience can answer for themselves why they should keep coming back to you. Your content may no longer have universal appeal, but it will have a meaningful appeal that will lead to future conversions.  

Developing Your Audience 

You will naturally have to make assumptions concerning your targeted group when beginning any new initiative. There is nothing inherently wrong with this approach, so long as you challenge what was assumed by conducting research.  

Major advertising agencies have the privilege of using focus groups to get direct answers to their assumptions. Most CPA marketers do not have those kinds of resources, but that does not mean the same principles are not applicable.  

Spend time wherever your targeted audience is. Analyze what they are doing and saying. What are they excited about?  

Delivering generic content first can be enough to get attention, but you will have to evolve to achieve the next level of success. And the only way to evolve in this context is by offering depth to your content that other creators are not willing to do.    

How Are You Being Found? 

The internet is saturated with opportunities to gain publicity. If you focus on the wrong opportunities or stretch yourself too thin pursuing everything then you are going to get disappointing returns on your investment. 

Identifying how your audience is finding you is a great way to narrow your efforts and find better success. These touchpoints can be through ads you have paid for, backlinks from other publishers, or even organic search results. 

If large portions of patrons are coming through ads, you’ll need to assess whether your budget can sustain it. If their conversions on your site are not offsetting the cost of the ad then you’ll need to reassess your approach. Likewise, if you are getting a high click-through rate on your ads, but the people have low conversion rates then you’ll have to make a change to who the ad is targeting.  

Backlinks to your site are a great sign that you are creating quality content. A backlink indicates other publishers find so much value in what you are producing that they are willing to give you free real estate on their site. So if you are getting backlinks on websites with high domain authority, keep up the good work. 

High rankings on search engines are the result of several factors. Backlinks play an important role, but how you format your website and how users interact with it are also crucial. If you are appearing low in the rankings for your key search terms, give extra attention to search engine optimization strategies and implement them in your practices.   

Audience Sustainment 

Audience sustainment is an ongoing struggle in the content game. Businesses love gaining new customers because it is a sign that they have something of value and are doing something right. But customer turnover can be a critical indicator that all is not as it should be.  

Your relationship with each new patron basically starts at square one regarding loyalty. Every time a patron leaves, they take with them everything that was invested in the relationship. That includes trust, goodwill, and future sales. This is important to recognize because it is five times more expensive to gain a new client than to retain an existing one. Still not convinced of the importance of repeat business? 

Businesses who increase their customer retention by just 5% see increases in profits from 25% to upwards of 95%. Imagine the difference a 25% increase in your salary can make, and that’s the small end.  

One of the best ways to sustain an audience once you have gathered them is by setting yourself apart from the creators who are looking to exploit them with low effort content. That is how your readers will come to recognize your value.  

The titans that are around today, like Amazon and Netflix, have managed to retain their supremacy over competitors by improving their understanding of what their users want. They gather information from their users that they can act on.  

That does not mean you have to get yourself in hot water by crossing into the ethical gray area of personal data usage, as many corporations have done.  

Gathering information can be done with their direct consent. Most users are happy to give their opinions of what they want from a company. Many even see the act of being questioned as a sign the company values them in return.  

It’s A Marathon 

Good things take time. Building trust with strangers is not easy, but it is worth it. Instilling loyalty in your userbase takes time and it takes more effort on your part than whatever your competition is putting in. Those that are not conditioned for a long race fall away, leaving those still standing with fewer, though fiercer, competitors.