April 13, 2021

IOS 14.5 Update and Affiliate Marketing


There are a lot of changes coming for iPhone users with the new IOS update. Affiliate marketers only need to concern themselves with one.

Apple’s new app tracking transparency feature is forcing marketers to change their practices due to its default opt-in model.

Now, applications are required to gain permission whenever they want to track their users’ activities. This applies to all user information being shared with outside apps and websites.

It is problematic because advertisers need to share user actions with affiliates to track their conversions. Without it, there is no “receipt” for the action.

Why You Shouldn’t Worry

This change has been anticipated for several months and OGAds has come up with a solution.

Previously, app conversions were tracked through installs (CPI), which the update makes irrelevant. Now, conversions will be tracked through clicks.

This simple workaround enables publishers to continue making just as much money as they did before. Perhaps even more.   

How You Could End Up Making More Money    

This update is going to hurt advertisers more than anyone. Competing affiliate networks will not adapt to the iOS update and will likely drop app installs altogether.

Since advertisers rely on large volumes of publishers to reach new users, they will be thirsty for new opportunities. That’s where we come in.

OGAds has already communicated the planned changes with our existing advertisers, and they are all for it. When outside advertisers see their peers continuing to get downloads, they will naturally join the platform that is making everyone money, too.

TLDR: Our publishers will continue to get the best offers on the market but with less competition.

Don’t Fear Change

It’s natural to worry about how this update will affect your income. We are doing everything we can to ensure this change will happen smoothly and not hurt your operations.

If our changes were not in your best interest then your stats would reveal it with tanking numbers.

It should be noted that only Apple users will be affected by these changes. Android will continue to operate as normal, tracking CPI, until further notice.

The Dashboard is Getting a Facelift

With conversions no longer being tracked, we are revamping the stats featured on the dashboard.

The emphasis will now be on the only two statistics that really matter: your number of views and how much you are making. Also featured will be your earnings per user (revenue/views).

We believe this is a much more accurate representation of a publisher’s performance. You will be tracking your results with better insights and fewer distractions.

Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions

We believe this modification is a solution to a temporary situation. After the iOS update is implemented, advertisers and publishers will likely develop a more comprehensive workaround.

We are committed to staying flexible in our operations and will apply the best fixes to our platform when necessary.