June 9, 2023

New Ways to Create Video

In light of the new AI technologies being released, new creative doors have been opened to help publishers curate fresh strategies to earn more via unique content that will keep viewers and visitors engaged.



Runway Gen-1 & Gen-2


The main focus of this article is to emphasize how potentially convenient the newly released Runway Gen-2 > 'Text to Video' tool can be. You simply input a text prompt and it will produce a video clip based on your input description relatively quickly. This can be incredibly useful in some situations such as for the YouTube method. Having a totally unique yet eye catching scene play at the start/throughout your video can capture the attention of your viewers and keep them intrigued throughout the video. A far greater response than most typically bland tutorials that virtually everyone has adapted to close out of.



More tools by Runway


Gen-1: Video to Video

Modify the style of a video with text or image input

AI Training

Create custom Portraits, Animals, Styles and more

Text to Image

Generate original images with nothing but words

Image to Image

Transform any image with a text prompt

Expand Image

Expand the edges of any image

Frame Interpolation

Turn a sequence of images into an animated video

Erase and Replace

Reimagine and remix any part of any image

Infinite Image

Expand an image by generating outside the original canvas

Backdrop Remix

Give any photo infinite backgrounds

Image Variation

Generate new variations of an image

3D Texture

Generate 3D textures with text prompts


Remove people and things from videos

Color Grade (LUT)

Color grade videos with text prompts

Super-Slow Motion

Turn any video into smooth slow motion

Blur Faces

Automatically blur faces in videos

Depth of Field

Adjust the depth of field of any video

Scene Detection

Automatically split your footage into clips

Clean Audio

Instantly remove unwanted background noise

Remove Silence

Cut silence from audio or video


Transcribe any video to text


Generate subtitles for any video

Add Color

Colorize black and white images

Upscale Image

Increase the resolution of an image

Motion Tracking

Automatically track the movement of any object

Green Screen

Remove or replace video background