March 17, 2021

Strategic Content Creation

There are no universal rules to apply to content creation. There are, however, many specialized strategies that are effective in achieving different ends. When and how to apply them depends on the channel through which they are being distributed and the motivations behind the demands.   

Identify Your Motivations

Your motivation is not a fixed statue that remains the same throughout the lifespan of your business. Nor does it exist in one single state at a time. You likely have multiple goals pulling you in different directions. What is important is that you identify your motivators so that you can rank priorities.

Triage your situation. This is the same approach medical providers use during emergencies. When you know what is most important to you, what will have the best impact, you will be able to pursue them with more peace of mind.    

This approach will also enable you to be more effective in your endeavors because you will have better focus. Committing to full measures will result in a product for your consumers, leading to more success on your end.

Know Your Channels

Operating in the affiliate marketing world most likely means your profits come from actions taken on your website. There are many ways to optimize your content to get the best results from it, but if your content is all you focus on then you will fall behind your competitors.

Understanding the relationships between your different channels for publicity and how they relate to each other will improve your results. Social media profiles form a type of ecosystem with your website and when one does well, the other likely will improve, as well.

For businesses, Twitter is a great avenue for driving audience growth. Tweets are easily shared, getting new eyes on content from people that are removed from you by multiple degrees.

Facebook, on the other hand, is better at retaining your audience. Use your profile to go beyond the skin-deep level of Twitter and form a bond with your followers. If it makes sense for your business plan, convert them to email subscribers.  

Having people volunteer to be directly kept in the loop on your updates is an invaluable resource in expanding your reach. In this event, they will know exactly when there is content on your site that they will be interested in, which will improve your conversion rates and conversions overall.

Mailing Lists

When trying to drive subscribers to your email list you don’t need to rely on Facebook alone. Your website can achieve this even more efficiently if executed properly. You have likely been to a website that immediately bombards you with subscription pop-ups before you have even had a chance to read their material. Most people will exit out of the pop-up, and may even leave the site permanently, making their email approach fruitless.

Intel’s iQ team researched this area and revealed some actionable insights. They found that users who revisit a website are four times more likely to subscribe to emails than first-time visitors. By programming your website to only target repeat visitors’ subscription rates will greatly increase.

Furthermore, iQ discovered that after a user spends 90 seconds on the website, they are eight times more likely to subscribe when presented with the opportunity. Apply this information to improve your tactics in curating an email list.

Buyer Personas

Since you have already identified your motivations and goals, you should also develop a representation of your ideal customer. To create this persona, sift through data of your existing customers and research conducted by others in your market. Combined, this can help you appeal to a customer on their terms.

Instead of operating in the dark, hoping to strike gold by chance, you will have informed leads to reach new prospects. The idea is to learn what the perfect customer’s goals, problems, or preferences are and format content with it in mind.

Just as your motivations are fluid, so are your customers’. Keep tabs on their needs and update the buyer persona accordingly. Adapt your content based on this knowledge so that your customers do not outgrow you.

Availability Of Content

Content creators often want their work to be in front of as many eyes as possible. It’s a logical goal but it isn’t always as profitable in practice as alternative strategies. Swamping your targets with offers can cause the opposite of raising awareness and instead lead them to become disinterested in your product.

If you sense this may be a problem you are experiencing, a more exclusive presentation approach may be right for you.

People hate feeling left out and love being in the know which is why exclusive content can be so rewarding. Exclusivity has the lure of desirability and scarcity. Studies show time and again how making something harder to get immediately makes people want it more. If executed correctly, the number of sales can increase even if the price increases. Suddenly, people who did not want a product before will feel a need for it after.  So how do you apply this strategy to your content?

Set Expiration Dates

A product that will always be around does not entice action in the same way that an expiring offer does. Tell your prospect when the content will be removed. If they are on the fence about taking action, they may convert simply out of fear of missing out.

Limit Quantities

Similar to an expiration date, let them know that not everyone will be able to receive your content. A first come first served policy inspires action because no one knows how long they will have the option to act.

Control Access

The best clubs have a bouncer at the door deciding who gets in, which leads to them being filled to capacity with a line of people waiting around the block. Aspire to be that club.

OGAds vets every applicant before they are accepted to the network. That has improved our reputation and resulted in us having superior offers from advertisers and higher performing affiliates compared to our lesser discerning competitors.   

You do not need to go to the same degree to implement this strategy successfully. You could make special offers only available to those subscribed to your mailing list. Being given an exclusive offer lets people know that they are valued and, in turn, feel special.

Use Enticing Language

You can see these types of keywords scattered throughout this post.

·         Exclusive offer

·         Limited time

·         Select few

·         Join the inner circle

These phrases signify to people that they need to take action to get what other people will not be able to. And for CPA marketers, action is all that counts.

Curate Loyalty

Try applying these tactics when developing your content. It is not only about what the product is, but who is receiving it and how it is packaged. Instead of seeing a revolving door of new users coming and going, you’ll curate a loyal audience who is eager to consume what you put out next.