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November 2, 2023

What is a Content Locker?

A content locker is one of the most vital and important tools for publishers. It enables publishers to monetize their online content by locking parts of it and earning money from their traffic. With a content locker, publishers can restrict access to specific content, such as articles, videos, or downloads, and require a user to complete an action, like downloading an app, filling out a survey, or providing their email address in order to unlock the content. This allows publishers to generate revenue through leads generated. Content lockers are commonly used in affiliate marketing to optimize website traffic and maximize earnings. In this post, we answer what is a content locker and dive into the nitty gritty details of it.

How Does it Work?

We can’t speak for every network out there but we can speak for ours. Content lockers on OGAds work by pulling offers from our network and listing them on the content locker. Two versions of the locker exist for both desktop and mobile devices. Each has its own theme and is optimized for each device giving the best user experience.

mobile and desktop content locker example

The locker will unlock and redirect, or remove itself from a website once the requirements are met. For example, if we set a content locker to a conversion requirement of one. Then a user would need to complete one offer before the content will unlock and redirect. However, if we set a requirement to three then a user would need to complete three offers before the locker will unlock and redirect. By the user completing an offer, the publisher earns money. The amount of money earned depends on the payout of that specific offer. The more offers a user completes, the more money the publisher makes. You can see a list of all available offers here including the payout.

What Are The Benefits?

One of the key benefits of content lockers is the ability to customize them. Publishers can tailor the appearance and design of the content locker to match the look and feel of their website or brand design. This allows users to have a cohesive user experience and increases the chance of a conversion. Plus, if you find a content locker is limited you can create your own custom one with our API. You can view the documentation for the API.

Another benefit is that it typically doesn’t cost the user anything to complete these offers. This is a win-win for the user and the publisher. The publisher earns money while the end user gets the incentive. An example of offers being used to benefit a publisher is with streamers using a custom version of our tip locker.

content locker for streamers


All in all, content lockers are a valuable tool for publishers looking to monetize their online content. By leveraging the power of locked content and required actions, publishers can generate revenue and maximize their earnings. With customizable options and the ability to integrate into websites, apps, and more. Content lockers offer a user-friendly and effective solution for monetization with affiliate marketing.

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