smart links
November 21, 2023

Smart Links

Welcome to the new feature for OGAds called Smart Links. Have you wanted to direct link? Well, look no further! A Smart Link enables you to link to one or multiple different offers. Each offer has its own settings as well. You can enable or disable certain countries and devices such as iOS or Android on specific offers. However, there is a catch. You can only link to email and pin submits.

How To Set One Up

To get started you’ll need an account for OGAds. If you don’t have one you can sign up here. After, you’ll want to log in and follow along with the next few steps. On the dashboard, from the navbar you’ll hover over tools, then you’ll click on Smart Links.

If you’re unfamiliar with the OGAds dashboard then I recommend you check out this free course. It’ll get you familiar with the dashboard quickly and help introduce you to some of the other tools talked about in this post.

Once you click on this link you’ll be greeted with a list of all your Smart Links. In this case, it should be an empty table stating No results found. If you’ve created a Smart Link before then this will not be empty. Next, you’ll want to start the creation process by pressing the button Create a Smart Link.

You’ll now be on a page to create a Smart Link. To get started you’ll need to enter in a Name. This name is for your own reference when viewing all your Smart Links on the previous page. This is a required field.

For Redirect URL we need to provide a link to where the user will end up after completing one of the offers. Once an offer has converted the user will be redirected to this URL. This link could be a video, website, or download. This is a required field.

The Fallback URL is the URL to redirect to if no offers are available. This can happen if the user viewing a Smart Link does not meet the criteria such as location, or device. If a user doesn’t meet criteria they will then be redirect to this URL. We recommend adding one of your content lockers to this field. This way you’re able to still potentially convert your traffic and get paid.

Access time is the total amount of time the Smart Link will be unlocked for after completion. This time is in minutes and can be unlocked for a max amount of 30 days. Personally, we think the default settings are a great place to start.

We’re done with the basics tab. Now we need to add offers to the Smart Link.

Adding Offers

You’ll want to switch to the Offers tab on the current page.

On this page you’ll want to add an offer or multiple that you’re wanting to link to. To add an offer you’ll click on the Add Offer button.

Now you’ll be presented with a modal to add offers. You have the ability to search by id or name, filter by category, country, or filter by device as shown below.

In our case, we’re wanting to filter by category Email Submits and then filter by country United States. This will return a list of email submit offers that are for the United States. After we find an offer we want to add, we can press on the Add button. In our case we’re going to choose $100 Towards Starbucks and we’re then going to add $1000 Towards Shein.

When we click this button it will disable it. If we wanted we could add just one offer, however in our case we want multiple for explanation purposes. When finished adding offers, you’ll will click on the X in the corner to close the window.

Changing Offers & Priority

You’ll see a list of all the offers you added as shown below.

We can change different aspects of each individual offer. If we wanted to disable the offer $100 Towards Starbucks for iPad we can do so by clicking on the icon for it. As you can see from the image below this will change the color of the icon to a disabled state. This means the offer is now disabled for iPad. If a user on an iPad was to try accessing our Smart Link they would skip this offer as it’s disabled for iPad. However, other devices such as desktop, Android, and iPhone are enabled. This means this offer will still work for those devices as long as they’re also located in the United States.

If you have multiple countries you can disable them for the offer if you’d like. In our case because we only have one country per offer I’ll leave it enabled.

Right now offers are listed in a priority. They’re numbered on the left side with the image. When a user accesses the Smart Link, OGAds will check their criteria for each and every single offer from the first, down to the last offer. As soon as the criteria is met for one of the offers, they’re redirected. In this case the criteria is devices, and countries. If you want a specific offer to be checked first you change it’s priority by clicking on the icon listed below, and then reordering it in the list.

In our case, we do not want to change the offer position and we are happy with it.

Creation & Review

When we’re happy with our Smart Link we will need to create it. We can do this by pressing on the button Create Smart Link.

This will take a few seconds for the link to be created and then you’ll be redirect to the table showing all of your Smart Links. To get the URL for the newly created Smart Link we need to find it in the table, then press on Actions and then View Details.

You’ll be returned a page as shown below. You’ll be able to select a domain for your Smart Link and then copy the URL. This URL is your Smart Link. You’ll be able to access it directly and be redirected to one of the offers you chose, or your fallback URL if you don’t meet the criteria.

All in all, this is how you create a Smart Link and configure it to your liking. As you can see this is an extremely powerful feature that is closely related to direct linking but it provides additional features to better your experience. You’re now able to take your link and start promoting it!